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Fujitsu Cable Set f. SAS 3.0 Ctr./RX1330 (S26361-F1537-L180)

  • Reference No. S26361-F1537-L180
  • Bechtle No. 953292

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The SAS 3.0 cable kit is required to upgrade an onboard SATA 6G RAID controller or SAS2 controller (with SAS 2.0 connection) to a dedicated SAS 3.0 controller. Can be used to upgrade the following PRIMERGY RX1130 controllers:
- PRAID CP400i, ref. no.: S26361-F3842-L501
- PRAID EP400i, ref. no.: S26361-F5243-L1
- PRAID EP420i, ref. no.: S26361-F5243-L2
The cable kit includes the following SAS 3.0 cables:
- T26139-Y4040-V15, 530 mm, connects the 4x 8.9 cm (3.5") backplane
- T26139-Y4040-V9, 540 mm, connects the right, L-shaped 4x 6.4 cm (2.5") backplane (seen from the front)
-T26139-Y4040-V20, 385 mm, connects the right, rectangular 4x 6.4 cm (2.5") backplane (seen from the front)
For more installation information, please refer to the system manual.

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    Product type: Cable

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