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InFocus PRJ-MNT-UNIV Ceiling Mount (PRJ-MNT-UNIV)

  • Reference No. PRJ-MNT-UNIV
  • Bechtle No. 723474
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Application: Projector, Max. Load Capacity: 11.0 kg, Product type: Bracket  Details

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Universal ceiling mount
Compatible with InFocus IN1124, IN1126, IN112, IN112a, IN114, IN114a, IN114x, IN114ST, IN116, IN116a, IN116x, IN118HDa, IN118HDxc, IN119HDx, IN124, IN124a, IN124ST, IN124x, IN126, IN126a, IN126ST, IN126x, IN128HDx, IN2124, IN2124a, IN2124x, IN2126, IN2126a, IN2126x, IN2128HDa, IN2128HDx, IN3124, IN3116, IN3124, IN3126, IN3118HD, IN3128HD, IN3134a, IN3136a, IN3138HD, IN3138HDa, IN3924, IN3926, IN5122, IN5124, IN5148HD, IN5312a, IN5316HDa and IN8606HD,
Tilts up to +/-20° on projection axis, rotates +/- 3°

Further information

    Technical Information

    Max. Load Capacity:11.0 kg
    Product type:Bracket

    Manufacturer InFocus: