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InFocus PROJ-EW2YR-MC Warranty Extension (PROJ-EW2YR-MC)

  • Reference No. PROJ-EW2YR-MC
  • Bechtle No. 898535

€ 247.00 * excl. VAT
€ 303.81 **

Shipping and Handling costs are 14.95 EUR.

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Product type: Warranty option  Details

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2-year manufacturer's bring-in warranty extension
for InFocus IN1110a, IN1112a, IN1116, IN1116LC, IN1118HD, IN1118HDLC, IN1142, IN1146, IN2124, IN2124a, IN2126, IN2126a, IN2128HDa, IN3118HD, IN3124, IN3126, IN3128HD, IN3134a, IN3136a, IN3138HD and IN3138HDa

Please note: only available upon purchase of a new projector.

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    Technical Information

    Product type: Warranty option

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