Professional, Customised IT Procurement Portals.


As an IT or purchasing manager, you have to keep your purchasing costs low, yet your in-house users expect quality.
And those aren’t the only considerations you’re juggling. That’s where we come in. We support you throughout the entire procurement process, helping you navigate the maze of procurement options.

bios® is a customised online procurement system designed to streamline your procurement processes, help you make optimum use of framework agreements throughout your entire company and automate your IT wherever it makes sense. That means you save both time and money.
In addition, an optional asset management solution lets you manage the complete life cycle of your IT equipment.

Available in 14 European countries, bios® is also an efficient e-procurement tool for global customers who need uniform processes for all of their international locations.

bios® pays off: Over 25,000 Bechtle customers across Europe have been able to dramatically cut down on IT procurement and management costs.

But there’s more to it than just the delivery of hardware and software. We also provide comprehensive consulting services for products and solutions, plus we custom-tailor your procurement tool to meet your particular needs (framework agreements, portfolios).




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