Your Benefits.


Real-time market transparency. By offering over 56,000 IT products from more than 300 manufacturers, we guarantee your IT procurement department an excellent overview of everything on the market today. Your protected bios® account gives authorised employees access to a pre-defined portfolio covering everything from custom PC configurations and software licences to printer supplies – all approved by your purchasing department. Products can be ordered at the most up-to-date prices in just a few mouse clicks. For even more convenience, integrate the account with your ERP system for access not only to customised statistics but also legally compliant, digitally signed electronic invoices.

Simplified, individual user administration, shipping and invoice address management, a user-defined, two-tier authorisation workflow and many more professional procurement features make it easy to streamline routine purchases and get rid of the paper hassle. In addition, bios® can be linked to your ERP system at any time via standard interfaces, letting you transfer orders and payment information using XML data streams for even faster in-house processes. An optional integrated IT asset management solution is also available to manage the complete life cycle of your IT equipment.


Fewer manual administrative tasks.

• Streamlined, clearly defined processes
• Fewer transcription errors
• No disruptive changes in media
• Shorter order and authorisation times
• Improved control and evaluation options
• Reduced costs through bundled purchasing
• Uniform, optimised use of framework agreements
and terms of delivery


Seamless ERP integration.

• No software installation necessary—just an Internet connection
• Complete integration with your ERP and financial systems
• Use of standard interfaces
• Exchange of various electronic document types, including legally compliant,
digitally signed invoices

Transparent IT asset management (optional).

• Asset security
• Licence security
• Lower process and procurement costs
• IT security