Let’s Get Technical.

The key to our success? A centralised product database and up-to-date prices for all of Europe.

Our database includes over 56,000 IT products spanning the entire European market. You could almost say they’re hand-picked—each item is carefully selected, and we even match specific versions with their target country. More than 70 product managers sift through the portfolios of some 300 manufacturers to give you the most thorough IT product database in Europe. This database is at the core of Bechtle’s procurement platforms, which showcase the qualities that make us a leader in European IT e-commerce.

Every night, Bechtle runs one of Europe's most extensive online reverse auctions with order volumes of some 5 million euros in 14 European countries. More than 10 million price and availability records from leading IT manufacturers and suppliers are fed into our European Pricing System. Our selection criteria are simple: we pre-select according to fastest availability, then choose the vendor with the lowest price. This means that over 40% of our prices are updated every night to make sure you get your products as fast as possible at the best price—every day.

Simple integration with any ERP or e-procurement system.

Our platform can be integrated with a variety of ERP or e-procurement systems using standard interfaces (e.g. SAP OCI). This dramatically sinks your in-house process costs by providing a fast, effective—and paperless—way to place and authorise orders. Both orders and invoices are exchanged electronically, and data transfers can even include eCl@ss or UNSPSC-based product group classification data.

Supported interfaces:

• Ariba PunchOut

The following XML standards are supported for processing customer orders:

• SAP IDOCXML (ORDERS01/02/03/04/05)
• cXML
• openTRANS
• xCBL
• UBL 2.0
• EDIFACT D96A/D97A (more complex)