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GRENKELEASING is one of the largest IT financing specialists not affiliated with any manufacturer or bank. As a leading IT leasing company, GRENKELEASING offers its customers highly favourable leasing terms thanks to first-class refinancing terms, professional remarketing and streamlined processes.

With over 30 years of leasing experience, GRENKELEASING is intimately familiar with the needs of IT financing customers. Customers outside of Germany can also benefit from GRENKELEASING’s premium on-site consulting services, thanks to the company’s various international offices.

Leasing: A Key Financing Option for SMBs.

All leasing advantages at a glance.

More and more companies are opting to finance their IT infrastructure.

• Pay as you earn. You pay for your investments from income generated with the leased items
• Remain liquid
• More reliable planning thanks to fixed lease payments
• Off-balance-sheet financing: the leased item is capitalised in the balance sheet of the leasing company (Basel II)
• No financing risks
• Tax benefits: leasing payments are fully tax deductible
• Replacement option: you’ll always be on the cutting edge of technology

Stay Flexible and Lease Your IT Infrastructure.

Keep your technology up to date without overextending yourself financially.

The replacement option available through lease financing opens up a range of possibilities. For instance, you can exchange your leased items for new and improved products over the course of the lease. And your payment instalments stay the same as long as your new purchase does not exceed a predefined percentage of the contractual value. Maintain your competitive edge by staying at the forefront of technological innovation!

Types of Lease Agreements.

Individual lease agreement models.

Full-payout lease. Under this leasing arrangement, the lessee’s payment instalments cover the lessor’s full costs.

Options at end of initial lease period:
• Equipment is returned to lessor with no additional costs or new investment
• Equipment is purchased at net book value or fair market value
• Equipment is used beyond minimum lease period

PDF agreement

On-demand leasing and IT asset management.

This is a framework agreement that provides one year of on-demand leasing to meet your particular IT leasing needs. It lets you to make minor acquisitions (starting at a net cost of €500) at attractive lease terms.

Bechtle and GRENKELEASING: Working Together for You.

Finance your investment and take advantage of exceptional terms and hassle-free processing. We want to help you find the financing solution that best meets your needs and keeps your options open.

We’re here to help! To speak to one of our agents, please call the leasing hotline number below:
Tel: +49 0711 7200923

Online Leasing – Fast, Easy and Secure in Just Five Simple Steps

Leasing IT is easy with Bechtle.

1. Select the items and add them to your shopping basket (min. unit price: €500)
2. Click “Lease” in your shopping basket
3. Take a few minutes to complete the lease application. Then submit your information my clicking on the corresponding button
4. GRENKELEASING will process your application within the next hour. After the application has been reviewed, you will receive the lease agreement documents by e-mail. These must be signed and sent to GRENKELEASING by post
5. Once GRENKELEASING has received your signed documents, Bechtle will ship your order.


Just give us a call at +49 711 7200923.

Leasing Hotline.

We’re available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail:

Leasing hotline: +49 711 7200923

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