Bechtle international – IT procurement beyond borders

If you’ve got an international business, you’ve likely asked yourself how to procure hardware and software most efficiently. You’ve most likely also searched for ways to effectively implement uniform, sustainable IT standards.

Putting your ideas into practice comes with a certain number of challenges, like finding dependable suppliers in each country and coordinating deliveries to different sites. That kind of complexity means investing a lot of time and effort.

You tell us what you need, we’ll take care of the rest.

Bechtle has all your IT procurement bases covered. Trade in the hassle of working with multiple suppliers for the convenience of a single, dependable hardware and software partner—Bechtle.

One solution to get the job done: our local experts will help you develop specific procurement plans for all your international offices, no matter where you’re based. Whether you want a uniform IT landscape across your entire organisation or a different setup for each country, we’re right there to support you. We’ll make sure you get what you want, when and where you want it. Sit back and let us help you put your ideas into practice.

IT procurement with Bechtle – you can count on us!